Are You Really Going to Jamaica?


natanias view to oceanYes, we are. On Sunday January 4, 2015, a group of six student potters and our Baltimore Clayworks teacher, Sam Wallace, will set out on a visit to Sam’s native Jamaica. We’re going to enjoy a week-long vacation on the South Shore, do some touring, visit some pottery studios, meet some of Sam’s family, and who knows what else.

The six of us have planned this outing for a few years, talking it over in our regular Thursday night classes. We’ll be missing a few of the other regulars of “Sam’s Club,” (work obligations. other family trips, even a recent wedding have interfered), but they will be with us in spirit. We hope that these posts and photos will help bring them along for the trip.

We also hope that our friends and pottery pals will follow our progress via this blog or via the Baltimore Clayworks Facebook page. We leave this Sunday (Southwest Airlines non-stop from BWI to Montego Bay), and will be staying at Natania’s Guesthouse.

Look for our next post on Sunday. Enjoy!

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