Sam Knows Everyone Here

From the moment we left the airport in our Avis minivan (later dubbed “Red Emma,”), Sam has narrated our journey. He knows the history of every parish, the name of every type of tree, the flavor of every fruit.

We stopped at a shack on Linda’s Hill and Sam picked out ripe avocados, nesberry  (sic), and sweet sapp. Once we arrived on the South Coast, he has greeted several folks by name. Even the lovely proprietress of Natania’s, is an old acquaintance from Brumpton, is a family friend.

We enjoyed the sweet sapp with dinner, the nesberry this morning along with fine guava, mango; jerk chicken, rice with pigeon peas, and wondrous fresh juices at our candlelit dinner on the patio last night.





Today is Wendy’s birthday, and we are planning to visit Black River and Sam’s home in Brumpton.


6 thoughts on “Sam Knows Everyone Here

  1. Rick Kunkel says:

    Thanks for your post, Marsha. Sounds so wonderful! All of us reading your blog will be living the trip vicariously and (speaking for myself) with a smile on my face!


  2. Joan Smelkinson says:

    I’m sure he’s pleased at this post. Interesting fruit being sampled, eh?– nesberry and sweet sapp and such. Any Jamaican blue mountain coffee? xox, Joan


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