Lounge and Learn

Today we lounged by the beach and the pool, sometimes commenting on news that our Baltimore families were dealing with snow and cold. Sorry.😆  At least we are thinking of you.

But the day’s highlight was our visit to Isaiah aka The Flower Pot Man, the man who brought Sam Wallace into the world of clay.He is a great smiling man, who toured us around his studio aside his wife Artjen, then demo’d his Jamaican Coil “Dance Around The Pot” method.

He showed us how he processed and dried the clay, how he built 6 huge pots at a time, and how he fires his wood kiln. We recognized a few designs and decorations that are familiar in Sam’s own work. The pupil will return to see the mentor next week, and will show him the overlap rim technique.

“With clay you never stop learning,” Isaiah told us. “Every day you get a new idea.”

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