Lovers’ Leap & Jake’s Treasure Beach


Saturday was the last full day of our visit to Jamaica, and we headed east along the South Coast, first to the national landmark called Lovers’ Leap, then to Treasure Beach, a really great little resort town.

At Lovers’ Leap a guide toured us around the beautifully-landscaped site, told us the legendary tragic tale of slavery and love, as well as the histories of the working lighthouse (reminded me of Harbour Town, Hilton Head) and the famed statue. Best of all was the view.

Then we visited Jake’s in Treasure Beach, which hosts an annual triathlon organized by my friend Jim Curl. Said Dougie at the pool bar and Saudia at reception, “Any friend of Jim’s is a friend of ours.” We loved having lunch overlooking the pool and beach, and discovering pots and planters by Sam and Isaiah. Got to go back someday. Maybe Jim wants a race hand?

We stopped in Brumpton to visit Sam’s family, then returned for some beach, pool, and sunset time at Natania’s. More photos to come.